Kali in the Wilderness Area, 1973

Kali in the Wilderness Area, 1973


First Day in the Wilderness Area, Mount Adams, Washington
Lavender Review, Issue 15
It’s a long hike from the trailhead
to Looking Glass Lake, “lake” a misnomer
for this little tub of lava rock

catching rain so prettily in the foreground
of Mt. Adams.  6000 feet of lonely glacier
hang there above the lake and me.

Never have I been here before this long day
in this green uniform with newly
minted badge and nametag, shining with
bravado only possible to the truly clueless.
Never alone like this, backpacking
all by myself, the sun setting
behind all that hard-packed snow  
in 38,000 acres of wilderness.  
Little alpine flowers cling

to the rock by the lake.  I cling
to my tent pole, thinking too much
about the little pile of bear scat, blue
from huckleberries, bear-eaten joyfully
no doubt -- was he ambling through this lovely
scene -- sometime not too long before right now?

I am about to pitch this tent, a few hundredths
of a millimeter of ripstop nylon
between me and bears, wind, snow, rain, darkness

and myriad things that walk
in the night. A dead branch drops,
pings against the lava rock, spits itself

into Looking Glass the almost-Lake,
and startles me. Wide-eyed, I the almost-Ranger
wonder if I’ll see a second day


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